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Disclaimer: All information contained within this document is correct to the best of our (the contributors) knowledge only and thus should not be taken as a fact. One should always verify information and seek knowledge when possible. This approach is recommended by The Reading (al quran) itself. [17:36, 20:114, 35:28, 49:6, 58:11]

Aim: To list ALL the roots used in Al Quran, including possible meanings (from SEVERAL Classical Arabic dictionaries/lexicons), give ALL examples of usage (allowing cross-reference) and detailed grammar information for EVERY word used. Its goal is to be the most comprehensive Quran study tool in the English language.

Why? When one reads a translation of Al Quran, they are actually reading the translator's interpretation of the original Arabic. Thus, mistakes are to be expected. A translation will have the translator's own thoughts/experiences/education/bias/imperfections. By listing the possible meanings of the roots with all of their occurrences & comments on grammar, we allow you to study the meanings and usage for yourself. We hope this project will aid the study of students of the scripture.

Some introductory questions have been answered, aimed primarily at beginners:
What is a root?
Which root is being used?

Which root meaning is correct? (a must read)

To use, click on the first Arabic letter of the root, from the Arabic letters shown above. The Arabic letters are arranged in a similar order to the English alphabet.

Offline version of Project Root List: concordance, grammar, dictionary in one (simple program, small ZIP file)

All information contained within this document may be copied, printed and distributed freely.
If this is done, credit should be given to the original source:
Commercial use of content is forbidden. Copyright of All rights reserved.

The grammatical abbreviations used in Project Root List are as follows:

1st p. / 1st = 1st person
2nd p. / 2nd = 2nd person
3rd p. / 3rd = 3rd person
acc = accusative
act = active
adj. = adjective
ap-der = apparent derivative
emp = emphatic
f = feminine
gen = genitive
impf = imperfect (i.e. action in the process of being done)
impv = imperative
ints = intransitive
juss. = jussive
m = masculine
n = noun
neg = negative
nom = nominative
pcple = participle
perf = perfect (i.e. action done/completed)
pl = plural
plu = plural
pp = past participle
sing = singular
v. n. = verbal noun
vb = verb (followed by a number representing verb form, e.g. II = 2, IV = 4, X = 10 )

Classical Arabic dictionaries used: Al-Mufradaat fi Ghariib al-Qur'aan, Lisaan al-Arab, Taaj al-Aruus min Jawaahir al-Qaamuus, The Arabic English Lexicon by E.W Lane.