Which root meaning is correct?

To approach Al-Quran with pre-conceived beliefs is not an objective approach. It is difficult to eliminate one's pre-conceived beliefs, but to truly see what Al-Quran is saying, it must be done.

ALL occurrences of the root and their contexts must be examined.

Specific derivatives of a root may have to be separated and analysed.

Crucial or relevant words within these verses should be checked to make sure they have been used accurately.

Before understanding a specific word/concept, it must be checked that this word/concept is consistent, logical and does not interfere with another part of the message.

Other verses discussing the same or similar subject must be checked.

Don't draw something out that is not there. When you have to embellish on a word to make it mean what you think it means, most chances are it doesn't mean that. The connection should be clear. Get solid evidence to demonstrate that a word may not mean what many think it to mean.

After this thorough investigation, you may find that several meanings are possible/acceptable for an occurrence. Even if 2 or 3 meanings remain, if there is no reason to disregard them, we should not, but rather conclude that what must be meant is both the 2 or all three (or however more there may be) or better yet, choose the meaning that includes, and does not cancel out, all other possible meanings. A more accurate understanding of a word/concept should gradually develop as one's study increases/improves.

Make your view known! Present your research/findings to other students of the scripture. Quite often, questions may be raised that you have not thought of, thus helping you to refine your understanding. Not only does this help you, it also helps others because you may have thought of something others haven't.
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