Zay = ز


Zay-Ayn-Miim = to assert/claim/allege, the conveyor, to convey, to promise, assertion, responsible/answerable/amenable, to make covet or eagerly desire.

Za'ama (prf. 3rd p.m. sing.): He claimed, asserted.
Za'amta (prf. 1st p. sing): You claimed, asserted
Za'amtum (prf. 2nd p.m. plu.): You claimed, asserted
Taz'umuuna (imp. 2nd. p.m. plu.): You asserted
Yaz'umuuna (imp. 3rd p. m. plu.): They asserted
Za'mun (n.): Assertation
Za'iimun (act.2. pic. m. sing.): Responsible; Surety; Guarantee.

zaama vb. (I) - perf. act. 6:94, 17:56, 17:92, 18:48, 18:52, 34:22, 62:6, 64:7

impf. act. 4:60, 6:22, 6:94, 28:62, 28:74

n. vb. 6:136, 6:138

za'im n.m. - 12:72, 68:40

Lane's Lexicon, Volume 3, pages:  398, 399, 400  ##

Zay-Ba-Dal = fresh butter, froth/foam/spume/scum, state of commotion of a liquid (e.g. water in a cooking pot), a tumultuous/frothing sea, blossomed, become intensely white.

zabad n.m. - 13:17, 13:17, 13:17

Lane's Lexicon, Volume 3, pages: 375, 376  ##

Zay-Ba-Nun = pushed/thrust it (a thing) away, remove/withdraw/retire to a distance, simpleton/fool/unintelligent, a tent/house standing apart from others, a side/lateral/adjacent part or tract or quarter, one who pushes/thrusts away, difficult/stubborn war/battle, certain angels (the tormenters of the damned in Hell).

zabaniyah n.m. (pl. of zabani, or zabin or zibniyah) - 96:18

Lane's Lexicon, Volume 3, pages: 379, 380  ##

ز ب ر

Zay-Ba-Ra = case the well, wall internally, construction of one part above another, check/restrain/forbade, prevented/hindered/witheld, write well/skillfully/firmly, read/recite, become large/courageous/brave (man), came forth, stones, understanding/restraint/intellect, a thing written, psalms, Book of David, books of Moses/David/Muhammad together, piece of iron, anvil, upper part of the back, strong/bulky, black mud.

zabur n.m. (pl. zubur) - 3:184, 4:163, 16:44, 17:55, 21:105, 26:196, 35:25, 54:43, 54:52

zubar n.f. (pl. of zubrah) - 18:96

zubur n.f. (pl. of zubrah) - 23:53

Lane's Lexicon, Volume 3, pages: 376, 377  ##

Zay-Fa-Fa = to hasten, go quickly, he walked in a comely manner (said of a man), running vehemently.

zaffa vb. (I) - impf. act. 37:94

Lane's Lexicon, Volume 3, pages: 401, 402  ##

Zay-Fa-Ra = a sigh/sob, draw in breath due to distress, to groan, moan in grief, a sea that makes a roaring, one who carries loads/burdens, calamity/misfortune.

zafir n.m. - 11:106, 21:100, 25:12

Lane's Lexicon, Volume 3, pages: 402, 403  ##

Zay-ha-Dal = he abstained from it (meaning from something that would gratify the passions or senses), relinquished it, forsook it, shunned it or avoided it, did not desire it, he computed or determined its quantity/measure/size/bulk/proportion/amount/sum/number or computed by conjecture its quantity/amount, become undesired due to littleness/worth, he reckoned it little, to despise, a small quantity, a narrow valley that receives little water.

zahada vb. (I)
zahid pcple. act. 12:20

Lane's Lexicon, Volume 3, pages: 426427  ##

Zay-ha-Qaf = went/passed forth, departed, perished, dying, came to naught, went swiftly.

Zahaqa (prf. 3rd. p.m. sing): Vanished away
Tazhaqa (acc. imp. 3rd. p.f. sing): Depart
Zaahiqun (act. pic m. sing): Vanished one
Zahuuqun (acc. ints.): Ever bound to vanish away

zahaqa vb. (I)
perf. act. 17:81
impf. act. 9:55, 9:85
pcple. act. 21:18

zahuq n.m. (adj.) - 17:81

Lane's Lexicon, Volume 3, pages: 428, 429  ##

Zay-ha-Ra = shone/glistened, become white/beautiful/bright, to give light, a fire/lamp, flower, flowered/blossomed, mindful of it, rejoice/energetic in it, a want.

zahrah n.f. - 20:131

Lane's Lexicon, Volume 3, pages: 427, 428  ##

Zay-Ha-Fa = a company of men walked/marched or went on foot, crept/crawled along, walked leisurely/gently or little by little, to drag, become fatigued.

zahafa vb. (I)
zahf n. vb. - 8:15

Lane's Lexicon, Volume 3, pages: 385, 386  ##

Zay-Ha-Zay-Ha = to remove, remove/push/thrust away, become far away, distant, remote.

zahzaha vb. (quad I)

zuhziha perf. pass. 3:185

muzahzih pcple. act. 2:96

Lane's Lexicon, Volume 3, pages: 384  ##

Zay-Jiim-Jiim = to pierce/thrust/spear, a thing pointed, to cast or throw a thing from oneself, become narrow and long, glass, glass vessels, lamp.

zujajah n.f. - 24:35, 24:35

Lane's Lexicon, Volume 3, pages: 381, 382  ##

Zay-Jim-Ra = To prohibit, drive away, interdict, chide away, cry out, scare away, rebuke, deter, discourage, repel, restrain, chide by a cry, by voice, or by reproof, check him, restrained him, or forbade him, with rough speech: or prevented, hindered, restrained, or withheld, him: or forbade, or prohibited, him [by any kind of cry or speech].

Izdujira (pp. 3rd p.m. sing. VIII): He was spurned and chided
Muzda-jarun (v.n. VIII.): In which there is provision of abstaining (from following the wrong course). Deterrant
Zajran (v.n.): Driving away vigorously
Zajratun (n. f.): Single driving shout
Zaajiraat (act. pic. f. plu.): Those who drive away

مزدجر muzdajarun - Deterrent [54:4]

زجرا zajran (V) - Driving away vigorously [37:2]

زجرة zajratun (N) - Single driving shout [37:19; 79:13]

وازدجر waizdujira - (and) He was spurned and chided [54:9]

فالزاجرات faalzzajirati - (and) Those who drive away [37:2]

Lane's Lexicon, Volume 3, pages: 382, 383  ##

Zay-Jiim-Waw = to drive, to urge on, become in a right state, It (a bad piece of money) passed or had currency, it was or became easy of collection, the acting with penetrative energy and effectiveness in an affair, effect/accomplish it, pushed it gently so it may go on, a small or scanty thing that may be pushed or driven away because of the little account that is made of it, paltry, weak.

azja vb. (IV)

impf. act. 17:66, 24:43

muzjat n.f. 12:88

Lane's Lexicon, Volume 3, pages: 383, 384  ##

Zay-Kaf-Ra = to fill a vessel or water skin, become large/full, it (a beverage) became collected, a receptacle for a liquid. Zachariah.

zakariya n. prop. - 3:37, 3:37, 3:38, 6:85, 19:2, 19:7, 21:89

Lane's Lexicon, Volume 3, pages: 405  ##

ز ك و

Zay-Kaf-Waw = it increased/augmented, it throve/grew well/flourished/prospered and produced fruit, it was/became pure, purification, goodness/righteousness, lead/enjoy a plentiful/easy/soft/delicate life, put into a good/right state/condition, alms, poor-rate/due

Zakaa (prf. 3rd. p.m. sing): He was clean , pure
Zakkaa (prf. 3rd. p.m. sing. II): He purified.
Yuzakkii (imp. 3rd. p.m. sing. II): He purifies
Tuzakkii (imp. 2nd. p.m. sing. II): Thou purifieth.
Yuzakkuuna (imp. 3rd. p.m. plu. II.): They purify.
Laa Tuzakkuu (prt. neg. n. plu.): Make no pretentions to the purity (of your souls); justify not; Do not praise (yourself to be pure and pious).
Tazakka (prf. 3rd. p.m. sing. V): He purified himself.
Yatazakkaa (imp. 3rd. p.m. sing. V): He purifies himself
Yazzakka (imp. 3rd. p.m. sing. V.): Purify himself.
Zakaat (n.): Purification; purity; poor tax; purifying alms
Zakiyyan (act. pic. m. sing. acc.): Most pure
Zakiyyatan (act. pic. f. sing): Pure; innocent.
Azkaa (elative): The purest

zaka vb. (I)
perf. act. - 24:21
zakat n.f. - 2:43, 2:83, 2:110, 2:177, 2:277, 4:77, 4:162, 5:12, 5:55, 7:156, 9:5, 9:11, 9:18, 9:71, 18:81, 19:13, 19:31, 19:55, 21:73, 22:41, 22:78, 23:4, 24:37, 24:56, 27:3, 30:39, 31:4, 33:33, 41:7, 58:13, 73:20, 98:5
zakiy n.m. (adj. comp. azka) - 2:232, 18:19, 18:74, 19:19, 24:28, 24:30

zakka vb. (II)
perf. act. - 91:9
impf. act. - 2:129, 2:151, 2:174, 3:77, 3:164, 4:49, 4:49, 9:103, 24:21, 53:32, 62:2

tazakka vb, (V)
perf. act. - 20:76, 35:18, 79:18, 87:14
impf. act. - 35:18, 80:3, 80:7, 92:18

Lane's Lexicon, Volume 3, pages: 406, 407  ##

Zay-Kha-Ra-Fa = the adorning/decorating/embellishing/ornamenting a thing, anything embellished or varnished with a false colouring, lies, falsifying/adulterating of speech.

zukhruf n.m. - 6:112, 10:24, 17:93, 43:35

Lane's Lexicon, Volume 3, pages: 388, 389  ##

ز ل ف

Zay-Lam-Fa = draw near/close, advance, nearness/closeness/proximity.

Azlafnaa (prf. 3rd. p. f. plu. IV): We brought near, caused to draw near
Uzlifat (pp. 3rd p.f. sing. IV): It is brought near
Zulafan (n. acc.): Early hours
Zulfatan (n. acc.): Night
Zulfaa (v.n.): Approach; near

zalafa vb. (1)

zulfa n.f. (pl. zulaf) - 11:114, 34:37, 38:25, 38:40, 39:3

zulfah n.f. (adv.) - 67:27

azlafa vb. (IV)
perf. act. 26:64
uzlifa perf. pass. 26:90, 50:31, 81:13

Lane's Lexicon, Volume 3, pages: 411, 412  ##

Zay-Lam-Lam = it moved away or aside, slipped, make a mistake, deficient, pass along / transfer.

Zalalltum (prf. 2nd p.m. plu.): You slipped off, made a mistake, stumbled
Tazillu (acc. imp. 2nd. p. f. sing.): Slip
Azalla (prf. 3rd p.m. sing. IV): Caused to slip
Istazalla (prf. 3rd. p.m. sing. X.): Caused to slip, seduce

zalla vb. (I)
perf. act. 2:209
yazillu impf. act. 16:94

azalla vb. (IV) - perf. act. 2:36

istazalla vb. (X) - perf. act. 3:155

Lane's Lexicon, Volume 3, pages: 407, 408, 409  ##

Zay-Lam-Miim = to cut off anything projecting or prominent, make little in quantity/amount, to fill, make an arrow, an arrow without head or feathers, divining arrow.

azlam n.m. (pl. of zalam) - 5:3, 5:90

Lane's Lexicon, Volume 3, pages: 413, 414  ##

Zay-Lam-Qaf = to slip/slide, to become disgusted by it and withdraw from it, he removed him from his place, he looked sharply or intently, a slippery place, to shave one's head, smooth rock

zaliqa vb. (I) -
zalaq n. vb. 18:40

azlaqa vb. (IV) - yuzliqu impf. act. 68:51

Lane's Lexicon, Volume 3, pages: 412, 413  ##

Zay-Lam-Zay-Lam = to set in motion/commotion, agitation, convulsion, earthquake.

Zulzilat (pp. 3rd p.f. sing.): It is shaken
Zulziluu (pp 3rd p.m. plu.): They were shaken
Zilzaal (v.n.): Violent shake
Zalzala-tun (n.): Quake; Shock

zalzala vb. (quad I)
zulzila perf. pass. 2:214, 33:11, 99:1

zilzal n. vb. 33:11, 99:1

zalzalah n.f. 22:1

Lane's Lexicon, Volume 3, pages: 408, 409  ##

Zay-Miim-ha-Ra = grin and display teeth with a stern/morose look, intense/hurting cold, laughing as to show the teeth, intensely bright, angry.

zamharir n.m. - 76:13

Lane's Lexicon, Volume 3, pages: 420, 421  ##

Zay-Miim-Lam = he bore it or carried it, followed another, wrapped (e.g. in a garment), also signifies the act of concealing, the requiting with beneficence, a load or burden, a company or collection, a traveling companion, a man wrapped in his garments.

izzammala vb. (V)
pcple. act. 73:1

Lane's Lexicon, Volume 3, pages: 418, 419  ##

Zay-Miim-Ra = a company or congregated body of men, a party in a state of dispersion.

zumar n.f. (pl. of zumrah) - 39:71, 39:73

Lane's Lexicon, Volume 3, pages: 416, 417  ##

Zay-Nun-Jiim-Ba-Lam = ginger, a certain herb that has a property that is heating/warming/exhilarating to those who consume it.

zanjabil n.m. - 76:17

Lane's Lexicon, Volume 3, pages: 422  ##

Zay-Nun-Miim = base, ignoble, mean, evil character.

zanim n.m. (adj.) - 68:13

Lane's Lexicon, Volume 3, pages: 425, 426  ##

Zay-Nun-Ya = to mount, the mounting upon a thing, to commit fornication/adultery, fornicator/adulterer.

Yaznuuna (imp. 3rd p.m. plu): They commit adultery or fornication
Yazniina (imp. 3rd p.f. plu.): They f commit adultery or fornication
Zaanii (act. pic. m. sing it is Zaaniin where final nuun is dropped): One who commits adultery or fornication; Adulterer or fornicator.
Zaaniyatun ( act. pic. f. sing.): Adulteressor or fornicatoress

zana vb. (I)
yazni impf. act. 25:68, 60:12

zina n. vb. 17:32

pcple. act. (zani f., zaniyah) 24:2, 24:2, 24:3, 24:3, 24:3, 24:3

Lane's Lexicon, Volume 3, pages: 426  ##

Zay-Qaf-Miim = gobbling, eating it quickly, to swallow, plague/pestilence, any deadly food, food of people of the fire (of Hell), a certain tree in Hell, a certain tree having small leaves stinking and bitter, dust-coloured tree having a pungent odour.

zaqqum n. prop. - 37:62, 44:43, 56:52

Lane's Lexicon, Volume 3, pages: 404, 405  ##

Zay-Ra-Alif-Ya =

وزرابي zarabiyyu {Plural form of Zirbiyyatun] - Rich, Velvety carpets [88:16]  ##

Zay-Ra-Ayn = To sow seed, cast seed, till the ground, cause [the plants, children] to grow, give increase to, he who sows, reaps, what is raised by means of sowing, seed-produce, what is sown. (Zay Ra Waw 'Ayn = offspring, children, a child)

Tazra'uuna (imp. 2nd. p.m. plu): You shall sow, cultivate
Zar'un (n.): Cornfield
Zuruu'un (n. plu.): Cornfields
Zurraa'un (n. plu): Sowers.
Zaari'uuna (act. pic. m. plu.): Growers; Causers of the growth.

[P. 1225-26. Lane; P. 230-31. DofQ]

تزرعون tazraAAoona - You shall sow, cultivate [12:47; 56:64]

وزرع wazarAAun - Sowers [13:4]

الزارعون alzzariAAoona {Plural is zurra 'un] - The grower, the causer of the growth [56:64]

زرعا zarAAan (N) - Seed, corn, corn-field, land sown with corn, cultable land, plant [18:32; 32:27; 39:21]

وزروع wazurooAAin (N) - (and) Corn-fields [26:148; 44:26]

والزرع alzzarAAa - [6:141]

زرع zarAAin (this is the root word) - [14:37]

الزرع alzzarAAa - corn [16:11]

الزراع alzzurra - The sowers [48:29]

Lane's Lexicon, Volume 3, pages: 391, 392  ##

Zay-Ra-Ba = small pillows, carpets, anything that is spread on which one can lean or recline.

zarabi n.f. (pl. of zurbiyah) - 88:16

Lane's Lexicon, Volume 3, pages: 390  ##

Zay-Ra-Qaf = blue-eyed, grey-eyed, greenish hue in the eye, blindness (due to the pupil being grey due to ctaract), become very clear/bright, to show the whites of the eye, piercing (e.g. with a spear), look sharply/intently, intense colour of the eye.

zurq n.m. (adj., pl. of azraq) - 20:102

Lane's Lexicon, Volume 3, pages: 393, 394  ##

Zay-Ra-Ya = he blamed, found fault with, despised, reproved him or his deed, become angry at him, mock/scoff/ridicule/deride, held it in little/light estimation or in contempt.

izdara vb. (VIII)
yazdari impf. act. 11:31

Lane's Lexicon, Volume 3, pages: 395  ##

Zay-Waw-Dal = to furnish with grace/provision, provision for travelling or fixed residence, any acquirement in which one becomes changed in state/condition or rather whereby one provides for a change of state/condition as a traveller provides for a journey, a bag/receptacle, stock.

zad n.m. - 2:197

tazawwada vb. (V)
impv. 2:197

Lane's Lexicon, Volume 3, pages: 433, 434  ##

Zay-Waw-Jiim = to couple/join/pair/unite/wed, marriage, a pair, a fellow or like, spouse.

Zawwajnaa (prf. 1st p. plu. II.): We wedded, gave in marriage or pair them
Yuzawwiju (imp. 3rd p.m. sing. II.): He conjoins, mixes
Zuwwijat (pp. 3rd p. f. sing. II): Is paired, united
Zaujan (n.): Wife; Husband; Pairs; Comrade; One of the pair, male or female

Zaujaan (nom)
Zaujain (acc. noun. dual) - husband and wife, two kinds/pairs, comrade, one of the pair, male or female.
Azwaaj (noun. pl.) - wives, husbands, pairs, kinds.

zawj n. com. (pl. azwaj) - 2:25, 2:35, 2:102, 2:230, 2:232, 2:234, 2:240, 2:240, 3:15, 4:1, 4:12, 4:20, 4:20, 4:57, 6:139, 6:143, 7:19, 7:189, 9:24, 11:40, 13:3, 13:23, 13:38, 15:88, 16:72, 16:72, 20:53, 20:117, 20:131, 21:90, 22:5, 23:6, 23:27, 24:6, 25:74, 26:7, 26:166, 30:21, 31:10, 33:4, 33:6, 33:28, 33:37, 33:37, 33:50, 33:50, 33:52, 33:53, 33:59, 35:11, 36:36, 36:56, 37:22, 38:58, 39:6, 39:6, 40:8, 42:11, 42:11, 43:12, 43:70, 50:7, 51:49, 53:45, 55:52, 56:7, 58:1, 60:11, 60:11, 64:14, 66:1, 66:3, 66:5, 70:30, 75:39, 78:8

zawwaja vb. (II)
perf. act. 33:37, 44:54, 52:20
impf. act. 42:50
perf. pass. 81:7

Lane's Lexicon, Volume 3, pages: 432, 433  ##

Zay-Waw-Lam = it went away, passed away, departed/removed/shifted, ceased to exist, came to naught, become remote, to turn/swerve, quit, motion/commotion.

Zaalataa (prf. 3rd p.f. dual.): They twain swerve away, come to naught
Tazuula (prf. 3rd p.f. sing.): She swerves away, comes to naught
Tazuulaa: Swerve away, come to naught
Zawaal (v.n.): Fall; Passing away

zala vb. (I)
perf. act. 35:41
impf. act. 14:46, 35:41
n. vb. 14:44

Lane's Lexicon, Volume 3, pages: 436, 437, 438  ##

Zay-Waw-Ra = visit, visitor, incline towards, he honoured him, falsify/beautify/embellish, lie/untruth, adjust/correct, decline or turn aside from it, determination.

Zurtum (prf. 2nd m. plu.): You visited
Tazaawaru (imp. 3rd. p. f. VI.): She deviates
Zuura (acc. n.):
Zuuru (nom. n): Falsehood; False speech; False

zara vb. (I)
perf. act. 102:2

zur n.m. 22:30, 25:4, 25:72, 58:2

tazawara vb. (VI) - impf. act. 18:17

Lane's Lexicon, Volume 3, pages: 434, 435, 436  ##

ز ي د

Zay-Ya-Dal = increased/augmented/grew, exceeded, was/became redundant/superfluous, remain over & above, addition, exaggerate, accessory, surplus.

Zaada (prf. 3rd p.m. sing.): He added, increased
Zaadat (prf. 3rd p.f. sing.): She increased
Zaaduu (prf. 3rd. p.m. plu.): They increased
Yaziidu (imp. 3rd p.m. sing.): He increases
Lam Yazid (imp. 3rd p.m. sing. juss. The second yaa is dropped from yaziidu due to the juss. case.): He did not increase
Taziiduuna (imp. 2 p.m. plu.): You increase
Aziidanna (imp. 1st p. sing. ent.): I will surely increase, will bestow more more (favours).
Naziidu (imp. 1st p.plu.): We will increase, multiply (the reward).
Zid (prt. m. sing.): Increase; Prolong
Izdaaduu (prf. 3rd p.m. plu. VIII): They got increased gradually; go on increasing, extended.
Yazdaadu (imp. 3rd p.m. sing. VIII.): Get increased, will get increase.
Tazdaadu (imp. 3rd. p.f. sing. VIII.): Get increase
Yazdaaduu (imp. 3rd p.m. plu. VIII.): They get increase, they add
Nazdaadu (imp. 1st. p. plu. VIII.): We shall add.
Ziyaadatun (v.n.): Excess
Maziidun (v.n.): Increment; More
Zidnaa (prt. 1st. p.m. plu.): Increase for us
Aziidu (imp. 1st p. sing.): I shall add
Tazid (imp. 2nd. p. sing): Thou add
Nazid (imp. 1st. p. plu): We increase
Yaziidanna (imp. 3rd. p.m. sing.): You (m.) Ad, increase
Yaziidu (imp. 3rd. p.m. sing.): You add, increase
Yaziiduuna (imp. 3rd. p. m. plu.): You add, increase
Zaid (proper name)

zada vb. (I)
perf. act. 2:10, 2:247, 3:173, 7:69, 8:2, 9:47, 9:124, 9:124, 9:125, 11:101, 16:88, 17:97, 18:13, 25:60, 33:22, 35:42, 47:17, 72:6
impf. act. 2:58, 4:173, 5:64, 5:68, 7:161, 11:52, 11:63, 14:7, 17:41, 17:60, 17:82, 17:109, 19:76, 24:38, 35:1, 35:30, 35:39, 35:39, 37:147, 42:20, 42:23, 42:26, 71:6, 71:21, 71:24, 71:28, 74:15, 78:30
impv. 20:114, 38:61, 73:4
n.vb. 9:37, 10:26

mazid n.m. 50:30, 50:35

zayd n.prop. 33:37

izdada vb. (VIII)
perf. act. 3:90, 4:137, 18:25
impf. act. 3:178, 12:65, 13:8, 48:4, 74:31

Lane's Lexicon, Volume 3, pages: 441, 442  ##

Zay-Ya-Gh = decline/deviate/swerve, turned aside, a doubting.

Zaagha (prf. 3rd. p.m. sing.): He turned aside, deviated
Zaaghat (prf. 3rd. p.f. sing.): She turned aside, deviated
Azaagha (prf. 3rd p.m. sing. VI): He caused to turn aside, let (their heart) deviate.
Zaaghuu (prf. 3rd p.m. plu): They turned aside, deviated
Yaziighu (imp. 3rd p.m. sing. VI): He causes to turn aside, to swerve.
Man Yazigh (the yaa is dropped due to the conditional sentence): Whosoever turns aside, deviate
Zaigh (v.n.): Deviation; Perversity
La Tuzigh (prt. 2nd p.m.): Let not perverse.

zagha vb. (I)
perf. act. 33:10, 38:63, 53:17, 61:5
impf. act. 9:117, 34:12
n.vb. 3:7

azagha vb. (IV) - perf. act. 61:5, impf. act. 3:8

Lane's Lexicon, Volume 3, pages: 443  ##

Zay-Ya-Lam = (with negatives ma, la, or lam) does not cease, to continue, still yet. to put or set apart/aside, to separate/remove/disperse.

Maa Zaalat (prf. 3rd p.f. sing.): She continued, remained
Maa Ziltum (prf. 2nd m. plu.): You continued, maintained
Laa Yazaalu (imp. 3rd p.m sing): He remains continually
Laa Tazaalu (imp. 3rd p.m. plu): She will remain continually
La Yazaaluuna (imp. 3rd. p.m. plu.): They will remain continually
Zayyalnaa (prf. 3rd. p. plu. V.): We shall separate
Tazalluu (prf. 3rd. p. plu. V.): They have left from there and had been separated

zala vb. (I) - perf. act. 21:15, 40:34, impf. act. 2:217, 5:13, 9:110, 11:118, 13:31, 22:55

zayyala vb. (II) (with prep. bayna, it means 'to set apart') perf. act. 10:28

tazayyala vb. (V) - perf. act. 48:25

Lane's Lexicon, Volume 3, pages: 444, 445  ##

Zay-Ya-Nun = To adorn, deck. Adorn, grace, honor [said of an action, quality, or saying]. Embellished, dressed, or trimmed it [relating to language]. Adorned [ex. The earth, or land, became adorned with or by it's herbage], ornamented, decorated, decked, bedecked, garnished, embellished, beautified, or graced him/it. Of language it is said: "It was embellished, dressed up, or trimmed". Of action it is said: "It was embellished, dressed up"; i.e. commended to a person by another man. A grace, a beauty, a comely quality, a physical/intellectual adornment, an honour or a credit, and anything that is the pride or glory of a person or a thing. A thing that does not disgrace or render unseemly a wise man in any of his states or conditions, either in the present world or in that which is to come. It [states] are of three kinds: Mental: Such as knowledge/science and good tenants. Bodily: Strength, tallness of stature, beauty of aspect. Extrinsic: Wealth, rank or station, dignity.

Zayyana (prf. 3rd. p.m. sing. II.): He made to seem fair
Zayyannaa (prf. 1st p. plu. II.): We made someone seem fair, adorned
Uzayyinanna (imp. 1st p. sing.): I will surely make fair-seeming
Zuyyina (pp. 3rd p.m. sing. II.): He is made to seem fair
Izzayyanat (prf. 3rd p.f. sing. V.): She became adorned, received excellent adornment, ornature. It is from Tazayyanat. V.
Ziinat (n.): Illumination; Adornment

zinah n.f. - 7:31, 7:32, 10:88, 11:15, 16:8, 18:7, 18:28, 18:46, 20:59, 20:87, 24:31, 24:31, 24:31, 24:60, 28:60, 28:79, 33:28, 37:6, 57:20

zayyana vb. (II) - perf. act. 6:43, 6:108, 6:137, 8:48, 15:16, 16:63, 27:4, 27:24, 29:38, 37:6, 41:12, 41:25, 49:7, 50:6, 67:5
impf. act.15:39
perf. pass. 2:212, 3:14, 6:122, 9:37, 10:12, 13:33, 35:8, 40:37, 47:14, 48:12

izzayyana vb. (V) - perf. act. 10:24

Lane's Lexicon, Volume 3, pages: 445, 446   ##

Zay-Ya-Ta = oil, olive-oil, olive-tree.

zayt n.m. 24:35

zaytunah n.f. (pl. m. zaytun) - 6:99, 6:141, 16:11, 24:35, 80:29, 95:1

Lane's Lexicon, Volume 3, pages: 440  ##